Apology of sorts

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I have read many statements similar to:

Maybe the answer to the nuclear-power controversy, and the difficulties
we have in finding economical alternatives, is to get smart and stop
using so goddamn much power that no matter what we do the cost in
pollution and money is unacceptable. Maybe the controversy over whether
we should spend our money at home or give it away to poor people
elsewhere in the world is to stop having so goddamn many babies that in
the end we won't even be able to support ourselves.

Eventually, because most of the people in this country are afraid of
anyone with a gun and Congress will eventually become ashamed of being
bought, the gun control laws will be passed. I don't doubt that many gun
owners will hole up and resist the confiscation of their weapons by using
those very weapons, judging by the way they talk. They'll do it
responsibly, though.

on the net. It is difficult not to conclude that the foregoing is stated
with a measure of certainty. An appearent certainty that is far from
certain to me.

I do admit to having been too caustic and sarcastic in several of my
responses in this area. I openly admit to being quite sensitive to
"issues" in these areas but that does not justify the character that my
postings had. If I have offended anyone, then I am sorry and will
attempt to be at least a bit more restrained in the future.

These ARE subjects that I would like to discuss with those that have a
great deal of understanding and experience in PCT. I find myself at
serious odds with what I perceive as the overwhelming majority opinion of
long time PCTers and yet my mind is almost shocked to find that this is
the situation.