[From Dag Forssell (2003 0321 07:15)]

[Debaprasad Mukherjee]
Subject: Re: Archives

Dear Dag,
Thank you for your reply and the information about archives.

No I was not asking a large no. of group for this info. It just
happened that I mentioned "this group".

I joined this group some months back as I maintain a strong interest
in Control and Dynamical Systems theory and Complexity theory.

Perceptual Control Theory is a physical explanation of the difference
between living organisms and dead objects, rooted in the engineering
discipline Control Theory. I would think it is a different animal
altogether, not related much to the theories you mention. But you be the
judge of that. I could not tell you what is meant by Control and Dynamical
Systems theory and Complexity theory sounds to me like an explanation of
nothing. That's to say I don't know.

But, I am serious about learning from this group. Now, if you have
recognised my problem and is willing to spend some 10-15 minutes for
me, then I would request you to kindly put down a list of the major
subject areas of this group with a brief/5 lines description of the
topics. I shall be immensely benefitted by this and I beleive some
other lurking members too.

Separately, I have sent you a pdf-file "What is on PCT CD" that describes
the CD I am willing to send you. The CD includes threads where a multitude
of subjects are discussed in light of PCT. Also some of the best intros to
PCT that we have, such as the BYTE article series.

Best, Dag

Dag Forssell,
2740 Gamble Court, Hayward 94542-2402 USA
Tel: +1 510 727 0767 Fax: +1 510 372 2776

[From Dag Forssell (9503123 2130)]

Dennis McCracken (950322 2300PST)

Dag, I am glad to hear about these archive files. I would love to
get my hands on some of them for my research.
When will they be placed on the Web?
How else can the files be obtained?
Are they plain text or Zipped?

Are you talking about the entire archive or the disks I posted
about? The disk content is already on the web to the tune of 900
KB. (Did you alredy get the disk w/ 640 KB)? My post was about an
update and expansion. The update may be on the web in as little as
another week. Gary will announce when it has been placed. You can
also send me $10 for the disks. If you are interested in the
entire archive, why don't you tell us about your equipment,
software etc. The archive is available from the listserver from
9403A (or B) forward. The monthly intro has instructions.

How does CSG-L handle literary quotations? Does each individual
need to be contacted for permission to quote? What form is
preferred for citations in books/journal articles. I find many
eloquent statements worthy of quotation and want to know what the
etiquette is in this group (and other groups too, I guess.- are
there conventions for mailing list citations in literary

Bill answered, Greg Williams is knowledgeable in legal matters.

Bill Powers (950323.0830)]

Dag will tell you how to get those files. Probably the cheapest
way to get them would be to drive over to Dag's house in Valencia
with an armload of disks -- CSG-L generates over a megabyte per
month of typing.

Bill does not recognize that you live close to Sacramento in
Northern California, while I live in Southern California. Let's
hear what you have in mind.

Best, Dag