Artificial Cerebellum in Little Man model

[From Bill Powers (970614.1036 MDT)]

I have installed the artificial cerebellum into the Little Man Version 2.
It operates at the second kinesthetic level of control. The executable
program (ARMFT1.EXE) and source code (in C) are included; the A.C.
algorithm is now written in C code instead of assembler language. A writeup
is included (ARMFT1.DOC) that explains how the A.C. algorithm works. For
information on the Little Man's program operation, see the downloadable
file ARMV2.EXE, obtainable through my FTP and Web pages.

The self-extracting zipped program file, ARMAC.EXE, as well as ARMV2.EXE,
can be downloaded from my FTP page at

or can be obtained by a link from my Web page at


Bill P.