Artificial Cerebellum

[Hans Blom, 960730]

I will send the missing elements, now that I know you succeeded in
decoding the MIME files. I don't know what platform you're running these
programs on, and assumed that PC-specific .obj files wouldn't help you
(that's why I sent the assembler source code). But if you're doing this
on a PC, of course you can use the .obj files. Life has been rather busy
here, so I haven't yet translated the assembler portions into Pascal
functions, which could be compiled on any machine.

If you're using a PC, presumably you can run the executable programs I
sent. Any comment on them?

I have NOT been able to decode MIME files. The problem is that you
INCLUDE into the text. If you ATTACH, translation is automatic and

I have a PC, but haven't received any executables that I know of.
They must have been hidden in undecodable MIME code. Also, I don't
care much for executables. I like to be able to add to the code, dump
variables for analysis, etc.

An alternative would be to tell me how to decode MIME.