Artificial Journal

[From Rick Marken (930817.1430)]

Well, I just got MY mail and in it I found an advertisement for a
new journal called "Artificial Life". This looks like a nice new
forum from which PCT articles can be rejected. It would be a
nice place to submit the Powers/Williams "Arm Model" paper, for
example. The journal apparently does book reviews, too. I
suggest sending copies of LCS I & II and Mind Readings for review.
The book review editor is listed as David Stork, Psychology Department
at Stanford University (Stanford, CA). The editorial board includes
Rodney Brooks, Daniel Dennett, and Stephen Harnad. Who could
ask for anything more? Oh, and Jean-Arcady Meyer (a friend of PCT?)
is on the board too. I presume papers can be submitted to the Chief
Editor: Christopher G. Langton, Theoretical Division, Los Alamos
National Laboratory, Los Alamos, NM.

Good Luck