Assumption behind PCT Applicatons

[Avery Andrews 950831.1930]

There's at least one important feature that all the PCT apps that
have been discussed have in common, which I don't think has gotten
quite as much attention as it deserves. This is that they presuppose
that people's higher level goals are basically the same, and
compatible, at least if there are sufficient material resources
to satisfy everybody's basic needs. If most disruptive
schoolchildren didn't actually have higher-level goals that could
be satisfied by getting along and doing well in school, and
satisfied better that way than by disrupting, they couldn't be reached
by a fundamentally non-coercive program; the only workable program
would be a gulag to confine them in.

Of course this is a contingent assumption, it might be false, and
there's lots of apparent counterevidence around, especially in
places like Rwanda and Bosnia. On the other hand, if it's false,
the future outlook for humanity is grim, given the ever-increasing
loop-gains of human control-systems.