Avery on Tai Chi (From Mary)

[from Mary Powers 9405.06]

Avery on Tai Chi.

No problem with your interpretation. You need to be aware to
learn, but once learned, conscious decision-making is much too
high - and slow - a level to handle disturbances at the body-
movement level. Or relationship level.

Our grandson Ethan, now 17 months old, trots around the house
just fine, but was reeling and stumbling on the ruts, rocks, and
tilt of a recent family walk up (and down) Animas Mountain. From
his frown of concentration, I'd say he was very aware of what he
was trying to do at the walking level, while his 5-year-old
brother leaped and cavorted about with _his_ attention on the
train coming through the valley below.

Ethan's been working on walking for 4-5 months now, and still has
a long way to go before he can take it for granted (i.e. not have
to pay attention) that those lower-level systems will cope
optimally with garden-variety disturbances.

Mary P.