B:CP Course: Preliminary Thoughts

[From Rick Marken (2013.06.11.0940)]

This is the first post to CSGNet about the B:CP Course. I've had a
couple people ask questions about the course and rather than answer
people individually I thought I would put this up on CSGNet.

One question was whether the course would be given gain. I suggested
that the course might start in July and many people can't participate
at that time. Since the course is just an idea at the moment it's a
little hard to answer this question. But I am currently thinking that
this course should be packaged as a free on line course that would be
offered over and over again at different times. I would like it to be
like the free course on the Illiad/Odyssey that my wife is now taking
through a Harvard/MIT/Berkeley consortium. It's pretty nicely
produced; I don't think we could do something like that right away.
But I think that should be the goal. So I would say that, yes, the
course should be packaged up and offered at regular announced time
periods, like a regular academic course offering. It should be free
but I think attendees should have to purchase B:CP as the text if they
don't already have it.

Another question was about an on-line version of B:CP. Right now,
there is no such version of B:CP available, as far as I know. The
decision about whether such a version will by put on-line for the
course will be made by the publisher (Benchmark, which is run by
Bill's sister Alice) and the copyright holders (who now, I believe,
are Bill's children).

I think this B:CP Course could be a very important way to promulgate
Perceptual Control Theory. I hope we have a prototype developed by
July but I'll keep everyone posted about how it's going. This could be
a lot more work than I had though so it may take longer than I
estimated to get this thing off the ground. But off the ground we
shall get it, somehow.

Best regards



Richard S. Marken PhD