Back in the Saddle Again

[From Bruce Abbott (950622.1740 EST)]

Well I'm back. Actually I've been back since yesterday but something fried
in our network and I've had no ability to send anything until just now,
although I have been able to catch up on my CSG-L reading to some extent.
I'll try to organize a reply to some of the reinforcement stuff when I can;
right now I'm facing a deadline on some textbook work.


Rick, I don't understand your new R. Coli demo, or rather, I don't
understand why your "subject" should show the behavior you diagrammed

The z's are the average cursor positions that result from running a human
subject. Like the reinforcement model, the subject quickly moves the cursor
to the target (the z and o lines actually overlap though the first half of
the graph).

O.K. so far...

But during the middle of the run the cursor quickly moves to a

new position and stays there.

Why? Shouldn't the subject be trying to keep the cursor on the target?

Bill Powers (950619.1455 MDT)

Some thoughts on reinforcement theory that must have passed through the
minds of those who developed it, if not exactly in the order presented
below. And following, a possible resolution of the conflict between
reinforcement theory and control theory.

An interesting post that deserves extended comment--I'll try to get that
done fairly soon...

My "vacation" trip took me to Fredericktown in Knox Co., Ohio to do a little
geneological research. Looking up land sales at the courthouse in Mt.
Vernon, I found the following record regarding a great-great-grandfather of
mine, Thomas Barrington:

Thomas Barrington
    DEED to
John Powers
Recd Decr 6, 1851

Bill, could John be related to you?