From Bob Clark (931119.1640 EST)

Bill Powers (931118.0630 MST)

Thanks for the "Nice summary of points that have been made here and
there on the net."

Regarding my post, Bob Clark (931117.1700 EST), you point out that
"specific vector velocity" requires lower level control systems "that
control velocity very accurately up to the point of release."
Certainly. You then point out:

Open-loop activation of muscles according to a stored program would
not be anywhere near accurate enough.

By referring to "a stored program," you imply a fresh re-computation
for each "throw." This would indeed be difficult. However I am
conceiving higher level recordings that provide reference signals
directly, rather than by programmed computation. Thus the lower
order "operating systems" would quickly correct for any disturbance
-- per Gary Cziko's reported demonstration. No part of the system is
Open Loop until the missile leaves the hand of the "tosser."

Meanwhile corrections are made quasi-instantly in accordance with the
reference signals provided from recordings.

Regards, Bob Clark