Baseball citation (reply to Rick Marken)

[From Samuel Saunders (96306.16:25:51 EDT)

[From Rick Marken (960305.1500)]

1. I need some references. Could someone send me the reference to the Science
article on "catching a fly ball"? Also, if Avery is listening, could I get
any references to that "bee flight" tester in Australia? I'm looking for
references to behavioral experiments that are good examples of testing for
controlled variables so any references to other research that qualifies would
be most welcome.


McBeath, Michael K., Shaffer, Dennis M., and Kaiser, Mary K. (1995). How
baseball outfielders determine where to run to catch fly balls. _Science_,
_268_, 569-573.

About a month later, there was an issue with a letter to the editor
section essentially devoted to this paper. There were a number of
critiques, needless to say.

//Samuel Spence Saunders,Ph.D.