Bates, Belief

[From Rick Marken (940518.0900)]

Avery Andrews --

Re: Joe bates -- Agent of the Devil?

Today's segment focussed on the work of Joseph Bates at CMU.
He's invented a computer animation system in which the characters are
driven by their own simulated emotions and goals.

Looks like "Joe Bates -- Agent of the Superficial". What do these simulated
emotions and goals "drive"?

Pat Robertson should have interviewed anti-SR crusader Richard Marken, who
could have told him that the person who is bringing characters with _real_
personality to the television screen -- the real agent of the devil -- is
none other than W. T. Powers.

Bill Powers (940517.2120 MDT) --

The way out, I think, is to avoid making that committment, forever.
No matter what it is: to crime, to a science, to a profession, to a
religion, to a political movement, to a theory, to anything. I'm
talking about the phenomenon of belief. To believe is to seal off
the system from any further major modification, from the development
of any higher levels of control. To believe is to eliminate all
inner conflict, and therefore all need to develop any higher levels
of perception. Belief offers relief from inner turmoil; it provides
peace of mind, a sense of inner unity, and blessed calm. That is why
people want to believe, and why they do it by the hundreds of

I believe it!