Beer and CSGnet

[from Gary Cziko 920306.1400]

Rick Marken (920306) in response to Randy Beer's post said:

Hi Randy, welcome to CSGNet.

Uh, not quite. Randy Beer is not on the CSGnet list which means he does
not receive CSGnet mail. But since Bill Powers felt that the interaction
he was starting with Randy would be of general interest to CSGnet, he
encouraged Randy Beer to post his responses to CSGnet (anybody can post to
CSGnet, whether officially on the network or not; but only people on the
net get CSGnet mail).

This means that anyone wanting to respond to Randy Beer must send to his
personal address <beer@CTHULHU.CES.CWRU.EDU>. By including both csg-l and
beer as addressees, the message will go to both Beer and and CSGnet.

I will forward Rick's post to Randy this time but will expect others
wanting to reach Randy to use his personal address. If Randy does decide
to become an official CSGnetter, I will let you know.

Actually, this arrangement has certain advantages. It allows us to
communicate to each other out of Randy's range and then communicate with
him when we wish. But it means having to tack his address on anything
meant for him.--Gary


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