Behavior: The control of Q

[From Rick Marken (930311.1500)]

Hans Blom (931103) --

We seem to be getting to the point. How central is "the central insight
of PCT" really?

I agree. Now we're getting to the nitty gritty. And your conclusion is
quite straightforward:

What is
REALLY controlled is not sensory input but some grand overall one-dimen-
sional control purpose that I call Q in my reply to Bill Powers (see

Well, that's clear; behavior is NOT the control of sensory input
(perception); it is (at least sometimes) the control of Q. Going
down a few paragraphs we find out about Q:

One well-
known optimality criterium is the integral of the square of the deviation
between an output and a setpoint over some period of time,

         / T 2
    Q = | ( x (t) - s (t)) dt
       / 0

So this variable is what the system is controlling? And it is not a
sensory variable? And if I apply disturbances to Q they will be
counteracted by the system, keeping Q in a constant or variable
reference state? So Q itself is what is controlled? Not Q as re-
presented by a signal in the control system; the signal that
is subtracted from the reference signal? Could you draw me a
diagram of the Q control system? I really want to see how the Q
control system works so I can simulate it on my computer.

Hm? "Behavior: The control of Q"? I really need that diagram.