Behavior: The Use of Perception (Not!)

[From Rick Marken (960124.0830)]

Bruce Abbott (960124.1055 EST) to Bill Powers (960123.1345 MST) --

Then Rick was right

As usual;-)

you _were_ taking my remarks as cause-effect statements.

Only because they were;-)

I am not suggesting that the incentive causes the next keypeck, but that the
perceived relationship between pecking and incentive delivery is made use of
by some system (reorganization?) in the attempt to establish control over
food availability.

Turning an incentive into the perception of an incentive doesn't eliminate
cause-effect. I think this is a common misconception about PCT. Many people
seem to think that what is significant about PCT is its emphasis on the fact
that organisms deal with a world of experience (perception) rather than with
a world of reality. But the real significance of PCT is its emphasis on the
fact that organisms _control_ their experience rather than being controlled
by it. Perceptions (like that of the "relationship between pecking and
incentive delivery") are not "made use of"; they are _controlled_.