Bertalanffy; deconstruction (from Mary)

[from Mary Powers 940224]

Cliff Josslyn:

Von Bertalanffy wrote Robots, Men and Minds in '67 and died in
'72. I'd say he had ample opportunity to learn about control
theory, if he was keeping up with the literature in his own
field, in General Systems: Yearbook of the Society for General
Systems Research, vol V, 1960. A General Feedback Theory of Human
Behavior, part I and part II, by W.T. Powers, R.K. Clark, and
R.L. McFarland, pp.63-83.

I don't get this remark: just how much scorn you hold your own TEACHERS!...Don't we

also stand on the shoulders of giants?

Von Bertalanffy was no teacher to this group. How do you stand on
the shoulders of someone who's walking all over you? Once more,
this time from the 1983 biography, Uncommon Sense, by Mark
Davidson, quoting von B:

     [Von Bertalanffy said] that the feedback model (like the
     homeostasis model ) was really "the stimulus-response model
     of behavior with the addition of a feedback loop."

Should we embark on a kind of scientific "cultural revolution",
always deconstructing our past?

No, this is not a cultural revolution. But some of us believe
that it is a scientific revolution. That means that most of what
people think they know, especially in psychology, has to be
rethought in a new framework. Most of the data has to be taken
again because individuals were clumped into groups and massaged
with statistics. If this be deconstruction, that's what we be

Mary P.