Bill on Levels

From Pat Williams (920324)

I really liked your explanation of "Levels of Perception," Bill. Hearing how
you arrived at the levels you have found, rather than just names and
descriptions of the levels makes it much clearer to me. It is really
fascinating to me to think about how perceptions can be combined to form
higher level perceptions. I have a hunch that computer programmers (at least
good ones like you) may be better at this kind of thinking than most people,
since they have to break things down to minute details to make anything work.
Just determining the simplest perception like edge recognition is amazingly
complicated. I'm currently working on an automatic curve tracer for
PictureThis. Determining the edges, corners, and intersections of curves when
you only have local pixels to work with is incredibly difficult. It seems
fairly trivial until you try it and find all the exceptions. And of course
that is no where near as complicated as what you are trying to figure out.

Best wishes,