Bill... PCT demos for a Mac?

[from Ray Jackson 930122.2130 MST]

for Bill Powers

I was over at Ed Ford's house today, and during my visit, he showed
me your crowd, arm, and demo 1 and 2 software on his PC. This
was the first time I had seen these AMAZING demonstrations, although
I had heard them mentioned many times on the Net. The illustrations
provided by the demos are both enlightening and thought-provoking;
I'm still thinking about them.

I am very interested in obtaining this software for future learning,
teaching, and reference -- if it's available in a MAC format. If
it's not in the Mac format, is there something I can do to help make
that happen? Also, is there a summary of sorts explaining the
specifics of the software and how to use it?

Thanks Much,


Ray L. Jackson
3613 W. Saragosa St.
Chandler, AZ 85226