Bill's gate (example now listed at ~mervyn)

[From Bill Powers (971016.1010 MDT)]

I still think it would be informative if you were to describe how you would
explain, with your model, a control behavior such as steering a car to keep
it in its lane.

I have made an illustration and description of such a system at:

I get FILE NOT FOUND for that. This paper is not listed as a link in your
web page at /~mervyn. Another problem with case sensitivity?

I listed it on my homepage now (~mervyn), that should do it.



[From Bill Powers (971016.2016 MDT)]

Mervyn (971016) --

I've seen seen your "example" now. Sorry, but it's not of any interest to
me. It's an animation, not a simulation or a working model. Your
presentation is mostly a description of what you hope this system would do,
not what it would actually do if connected to the steering wheel of a car.
You don't even have a representation of the car's properties in the model,
and the behavior of the car is far from realistic. It lurches back and
forth between the edges of the road, and it does that only because you
animated the display that way. It doesn't look to me as though you know
very much about modeling.


Bill P.