Bill's rejoinder to L & L

[From Wayne Hershberger 930528]

Bill (WTP), I enjoyed reading your collection of very civil and
lucid rejoinders to L & L's diatribe. So, let me play the devils
advocate, helping L & L express themselves (as Greg has noted,
they do not make DEVILS the way they used), in order to elicit
another gem from you. Please reconsider the following comments by
L & L in which the terms "consciousness" and "psychological
processes" could be interpreted to mean "perceptual experience."

"Control theory, insofar as it stresses a mechanistic model,
simply has no place for...CONSCIOUSNESS. Insofar as this is the
case, the theory must fail for the same reason behaviorism failed.
Without studying and measuring PSYCHOLOGICAL PROCESSES, one cannot
explain human action" (L & L, "italics" added).

Warm regards, Wayne

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