Biological Cybernetics

From [Marc Abrams (2005.10.30.2019)]

Please don’t shoot the messenger.

If Rick (hypercomplex cells) and Bill (Renshaw cells) want to talk about biological cybernetics, than lets talk biological cybernetics.

Personally, I think discussing biological cybernetics is a waste of time for this forum. I am not qualified and I have not seen or heard from anyone in this forum who is qualified to talk about the microbiology and physiology involved.

Do you folks really believe you know some secrets that the rest of the world might be unaware of?

Wake up and smell the roses. Go where an opportunity exists and where your expertise might lend itself. Bill’s hierarchy came to him through introspection, and in my book, that is cognition.

Maybe the PCT hierarchy is a purely cognitive structure? Maybe the entire PCT hierarchy exists in the cortex alone, and maybe it is more of a network than a hierarchy?

You don’t impress many people when you start tossing words and concepts around you cannot support with evidence of your claims.

What exactly would Bill or Rick claim to the author of that web page? By what authority would they do so?

I realize some in this forum might think I’m trying to hurt someone or destroy something but I’m not, and never have.

To me, you don’t ‘help’ someone by remaining silent and snickering behind their back. If PCT is ever going to amount to anything it is going to have to address issues that have been unanswerable before, and I think Bill, Rick, and the rest are fully capable of doing so, but you can’t be walking around fooling yourself and thinking you are the cat’s meow, when in fact you are nothing but old news.