Biological Feedback

[From Oded Maler (960918)]

I just came across a book with that title by R. Thomas and R. D'Ari,
CRC press, 2000 Corporate Blvd., N.W. Boca Raton, Florida
33431. ISBN 0-8493-6766-2, lib of congress 89-23874.

Very superficial impressions:

The authors are essentially bio-chemists. This is not a book about
PCT. The level they look at at is slightly above the level where
discretization appears, and their models are based on boolean
and automata network and what they call "kinetic logic". You cannot
judge a book by its cover but to give some idea, they cite, among others,
the works of Rosen, Waddington, Rachevski, Turing (his paper on
morphogenesis) and Prigogine). A short citation that might remind other

Biology: a hard or soft science?



Biology, because of its complexity, has traditionally been a soft science. Has
the fulgurant progress in genetics and biochemistry made it harder? Our
present detailed knowledge of *individual* molecular mechanics involved in
biological reactions can certainly be considered hard science. Indeed, there
are many cases of gene regulation, for example, that are understood in precise
molecular detail. However, the *global* operation of biological systems
has remained a soft science. Symptomatic of this is the fact that networks
of interactions are still described in verbal terms or as cartoons rather than
being formalized.

I'll let you know if I found more about what they do.