Black Bart and The Kid

[From Rick Marken (950609.1530)]

Bruce Abbott (950609.1335 EST) --

"That's what that kid in Tombstone said. He said I wouldn't even get off a
shot, but I drilled him between the eyes quicker n' he could say 'e.
coli.' "

I heard about that kid. I think you'd best speak with the Tombstone coroner,
a fella named Bill Powers, about what actually happened in that standoff. I
seem to recall hearing about a smart, good- lookin' cow puncher who hog-tied
a big, drunken varment who kept wandering randomly around town screaming
"renforcement", "renforcement". Funny how these stories get distorted;-)

I believe that it is possible to come up with an explanation for the ratio
data that would be consistent with reinforcement theory as it is currently

And I believe for every drop of rain that falls a flower grows.

It seems to me that it would be rather crucial to TEST that belief, don't you?

the wise course of action is to apply reinforcement theory to the situation
[ration schedule experiments] and see what it can do.

So, I'll give it a shot, but don't expect quick results, I'm very busy with
other things at the moment.

You sure your not that Canadian fella? He always said EXACTLY the same thing
about information theory -- and we have still seen no results. Seems like I'd
want to know _pretty quick_ whether or not a theory that I had always assumed
was correct could account for the data on which it was based!

But maybe it's not really that important, eh? After all, it's just a theory,