Blind men paper

Bill Cunningham |920508.0925|

Rick Marken--
   Very quickly. I'm at home without ability edit and on the run for next

Paper aimed at "head in the air" type of theoretical psychologist.
Paper aimed at everyone who deals with control systems.

Those two statements are contradictory. If everyone is a control system,
then everyone deals with control systems. Paper is thus for everyone, which
brings me back to my original question. Very hard to write paper for both.

I like comment on "empowerment". That gives me another customer.

Not to worry. I'll carry your message to the guy here. I'll
try to pose it in terms of a question so he'll be more likely to
respond. Make that empowered to respond.

Phenomenon of control. Agree about phenomenon. However, from standpoint
of paper, some audiences will not see that.

Bill C.