Blind Men; Touting CSGnet

[from Gary Cziko 920929.0250 GMT}

Rick Marken (920928.1030) says:

Thanks for the quotes about unifying observations in psychology. I promise
that my next submission of the paper to a journal will present the ideas in
the "Blind men" paper in terms of PCT as a unifying model -- and I think
this change merits addition of your name as co-author (if you don't mind).
When I make the revisions I'll send you a copy for your approval.

While I would love to have you add my name to a revision of this paper, I
think it would be a bit misleading if you did so just because you added
some quotes from others that I provided and wrote a bit about PCT as a
unifying model for psychology. I think I would will need to put some of my
own words into the paper (like _the_, _of_, and _or_) for it to properly
carry my name. If you wish to revise the paper on your own, an
acknowledgement of my suggestion would be appropriate, along with others
whose comments were helpful.

And while you're at it, why don't you try to work in a comment (or at least
a footnote) about CSGnet giving it's address? You could also mention me
(with my e-mail address) as a source of more information about CSGnet. I
have done this in my paper on PCT that will be out in a couple of months in
_Educational Researcher_. I would also hope that other CSGnetters who are
publishing on PCT will mention CSGnet in their work.--Gary


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