Blind Men, UCSD anyone?

[From Rick Marken (920929.1330)]

Gary Cziko (920929.0250 GMT) re: Blind men

I think I would will need to put some of my
own words into the paper

Of course. I think we should also change the title to reflect your
suggested change in the paper's point of view. This will be after the
Psycholoquy review -- which might not be long, especially if it is
rejected (THAT would be a coup -- being rejected by a journal that
accepts everything).

Correction: In my post to Martin Taylor (today) I used the word "mute" when I
meant "moot"> Interestingly, the mistake makes little difference to my
intended meaning but I thought I'd point it out anyway.

General question: Is there anyone on CSGNet who is at UCSD? Or does anyone
on the net know anyone with an e-mail address at UCSD? Is so, please
let me know. Thanks.





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