Bob Clark ill

[From Dag Forssell (941007 2000)]

Mary Ann Clark called this evening and asked me to convey news to
the net.

Bob Clark recently suffered a stroke while attending a city council
meeting in Cincinnati. He received immediate attention (CAT scan,
MRI etc.) and has already made amazing progress. Mary Ann says
that Bob is as clear as ever, but his brain stem is affected and
while he experiences skin sensations, his muscles don't work on the
left side.

Bob will enter the local rehabilitation center next week and won't
be reading CSGnet messages for several weeks. Bob asked Mary Ann
to give me a call as a way to post information of this development.

Anyone who wishes to send a note to Bob and Mary Ann can do so to
their home address:

Robert Kenley Clark
834 Holyoke Drive
Cincinnati, OH 45240

Best, Dag