Bohannan book

[From Kent McClelland 951031.1200 cst]

Some CSGnet recipients may be interested in looking at a new book by
eminent anthropologist, Paul Bohannan, called How Culture Works (NY: Free
Press, 1995, ISBN 0-02-904505-3). The book is a simple introduction to a
variety of ideas aoout culture, apparently written for non-anthropologists.
In Chapter 2, called "A Model of the Human Animal," Bohannan begins with
Bill Powers and B:CP. He goes on to present his own model, based loosely
on PCT ideas combined with (to my mind) a confusing mish-mash of S-R
language and talk about "schemas." Bohannan is clearly someone who
understands and appreciates the basics of the PCT point of view but wants
to combine it with lots of other perspectives.