Book on Stress

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Just received a "card deck" and noticed this "valuable" offering!

Recognizing that stress is inevitable in today's workplace this
refreshing, realistic handbook offers innovative techniques on how to
manage stress and actually turn it to your advantage. Advancing a new
model-the Type C personality-for the individual who functions
successfully in stress-filled environments, "Career Success/Personal
Stress" provides you with the key to achieve a balanced, stress-sensitive
lifestyle, with prescriptions on how you can...

      recognize and interpret stress patterns as steps toward mitgating

      understand and deal with the 12 major job stressors

      turn stress into positive results through lifestyle changes

      discover the right balance of diet and exercise to lessen stress

      cope with the full range of stress-impacted symptoms and illnesses

At 352 pages and $29.95 if I was a little better off than I am right now
I would almost be tempted to order the book just to see how closely the
book follows the above hype.

Maybe I too much into oversimplification but I believe that the above
referenced "12 major job stressors" could be reduced to one --

Also seems to me that rather than "cope with the full range ..." one
might find things a bit simpler and easier if one dealt with the actual
cause of stress first.

I am sure that Ed would be more than bemused by this book!