Bosnia and PCT

What should be done about the Serbs in Bosnia?
Good question, Rick.
I suppose that we (the U.S.A.) could leave them alone, and
sooner or later the slaughter would cease - the Serbs would
have solved their problem. Given historical information, this
solution seems doomed, at least for the Muslims and perhaps the
Croats in Bosnia. We could arm the Muslims and Croats. This way,
the slaughter would be more equitable, and good guys would be very
hard to identify. We could bomb the Serbs back into the stone age.
This solution assumes that the Serbs are the true bad guys. This is
not so easy to do, unless all we know is from American TV. Two summers
ago my family met and befriended a young serbian who had just spent a
year in the U.S. He was returning to do his military service. He
knew what he was in for. It was very difficult to say goodbye.
This kid was not stupid. He was educated, and he knew how to use a
computer. Still, there he is.

We could mediate the conflict. First, get the warring factions to
stop, then get them to jump a level. Then, negotiations could start
by redefining the situation. As long as the country was occupied
the slaughter would be minimized. Perhaps, in time their histories
could be rewritten with the new information technologies, and they
would develop shared referents. Conflicts over land, education,
language, religion, love, government control would cease and all would
learn to live in peace. This might happen.

My personal preference is to send in American (and Canadian) land
developers, build shopping malls, fill them to the brim with consumer
products of all kinds. Then, give all the Bosnians, Serbians, Croations,
and Montenegrans credit cards, jobs in the malls, and a set of wheels
to get there. A theme park or two would be a good addition to divert
that hostility to rides and games. A couple of good cable companies
and a TV in every house (plus VCR) and there you have it - America.
These people need alternative purposes. In addition, it may kick start
GM and IBM. There would be mutual benefit. I am serious about this.

Dan Miller