Bounced Messages from CSGnet

[from Gary Cziko 930310.0250 GMT]

One of the joys of "owning" CSGnet is that I am priviledged to receive all
CSGnet messages that never reach their final destination. Since it is not
uncommon for five or so addresses to be out of commission at any one time
and since it is not uncommon for 10 or messages to be posted to CSGnet in a
day, it is not uncommon for me to receive 50 or more undelivered messages
in any given day. This amount can only grow as CSGnet grows, so there is
some incentive for me to eliminate addresses from CSGnet which are
inoperative for any substantial period of time.

Usually the listserver software will try to deliver returned messages for a
period of three days so if your system is off-line for three days or less
it is likely that you will not miss any CSGnet traffic.

If you are unconnected for longer than three days or if you suspect that
you have missed some messages which you wish to recover, you should request
the appropriate log from the listserver. For example, sending the
following command as the text of a message to LISTSERV@VMD.CSO.UIUC.EDU
will result in your being sent all messages disseminated via CSGnet during
the first week of March 1993 (i.e., March 1 through 7).


Substituting LOG9303B will procure the second week of March 1993.
Remember, send these commands to LISTSERV, NOT to CSGnet (the commands are
ineffective no matter how many humans read them). The log is continually
updated so you don't have to wait until the end of the week to request the
current log file. Note that there is a limit as to how much info the
listserver will send you over time, so that if you request a log file at
noon you may have to wait until 10 pm or so before your request for another
one will be honored.

You may also be able to recover missed message to CSGnet if you have access
to NetNews (Usenet). But not all NetNews systems receive
bit.listserv.csg-l and those who do keep posts for different durations (my
system keeps them for 10 days).

If you are unconnected for more the one week I may remove you from CSGnet.
It will then be up to you to either resubscribe directly to the CSGnet
listserver or send me a request to do it for you.

I hope that this mode of operation seem reasonable. My goal is to have
individual subscribers take on the responsibility of recovering missed
messages and dealing with service outages so that I can lead a close to
normal life. But still don't hesistate to call on me if you are in a bind.
CSGnet is a friendly place and I want to be a friendly listowner.

Your faithful CSGnet servant, Gary


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