Bridges, The Law

[From Rick Marken (931029.1430)]

Gary Cziko (931029.1930 GMT) --

Greg Williams suggests that we can get these types [established
academicians] aboard if we show them that PCT can help them solve
their problems. WHAT PROBLEMS?

You got it, babe.

While I will continue to invite such people into CSGnet discussions,
I will be very surprised if any of them, such as Wickens, elects to
walk across the bridge to the PCT ghetto and leave the glitzy downtown
and comfortable suburbs behind.

I bet they won't even walk over and take a serious look.

P.S. Although the ghetto IS quite cozy and quaint in its own way,
isn't it?

Yes, indeed. Definitely no overcrowding problems in this ghetto.

Dennis Delprato (931029)--

Nice to hear from you Dennis!

PCT is
in the difficult position of saying that what hits us between the
eyes (or elsewhere) is actually not important for understanding
what is "really going on." This makes bridge-building very difficult.

Absolutely;! Right on target!

I do endorse Greg Williams's attempts at bridge-building.

As do I. Heartily. And best of all (as I said) we get to watch
him do it FOR FREE.

As Peter Sellers said in "_Being There_ "I love to watch".

LaRue (93.10.29 @ 3:10 EDT) --

On Hugh Gibbons' "The Death of Jeffrey Stapleton: Exploring the Way
Lawyers Think".

Hugh claims that the law is a "control system", and furthermore, he
seems to state that it is a control system is the very same sense
that an individual is a control system. *Dubitante* on that claim.

I'm surprised that Hugh would claim that. If he did, he is wrong; no
*dubitante* about it.