Bruce G's Review of Bill's Book

In looking up the citation information for Bill's latest book (and in the
course of ordering it from, I chanced upon Bruce Gregory's
review. Thought y'all might be interested as I don't recall seeing it here

An engaging and informative read
Reviewer: from Cambridge, MA January 27, 1999
Bill Powers in virtually unknown outside a very small community of people
interested in applying control theory to understanding human behavior, an
activity that can be traced backed to Norbert Wiener's influential work in
the 1940's. Powers' obscurity is particularly unfortunate because his work
is truly revolutionary and deserves a much wider audience. In this book he
gives a typically lucid presentation of the basics of his application of
control theory to understanding everyday behavior. It's a wonderfully clear
exposition of his ideas and provides invaluable insights into what makes us
tick. Perhaps in the next millenium academic psychology will catch up to
Powers. Until this happens, you couldn't ask for a better guide than this
engaging book.

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