Bryan Thalhammer

From [Marc Abrams (2005.02.13.1437)]

Brian D. Sorry, I got you confused with Bryan T. No foul, no harm.


Please stop reading my posts if they upset you so badly.

I cannot and will not be responsible for your sensitivity to my use of the English language. That is, get a life.

I remember a long time ago you mentioned that CSGnet was your life and I was creating havoc for you. Well, that still may be true, but the circumstances are quite a bit different now, and I can understand your dismay at the questions I am posing and the silence that follows.

Maybe you can help me out. Can you tell me how the MOL relates to PCT?

Can you suggest some ways of improving dialogue on CSGnet besides banning people, blocking posts, and starting new sites?

Can you think of ways of getting people interested in looking at the PCT model?

Do you think SD is a good medium for PCT modeling, and if so at what 'level do you believe might be most effective, or which audience most receptive?

How about answering some of THESE questions?

I don’t expect to hear back from you, surprise me.




sorry last time before I call tech support.