Building followings

[From Rick Marken (980405.1200)]

Fred Nickols (980405.1345 EDT)

So why not focus on practical applications and build a following

Why do people keep assuming that PCTers want a following? I certainly
don't want one. I'm sure that Bill Powers doesn't want one. All we
want are people who understand PCT and can advance PCT science on
the basis of that understanding.

PCT already has many "followers" on this CSGNet. It should be
clear from the discussions on this net that being a "follower"
(one devoted to PCT in some way) does not mean that one either
understands PCT or is inclined to advance the science of PCT.

I suggest that we just forget about building "followings". If
anyone really wants to build something that will help PCT, I
suggest they build up the empirical and theoretical foundations
of the science of purposive systems -- systems that control
their own perceptions.





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