Buzz off

[From Bruce Abbott (950529.1955 EST)]

Rick Marken (950529.1500)--

Skipping over the ridiculous, we come to

Clearer now? (:->

Yes. I was working under the assumption that you had joined CSG-L
to learn PCT. Now I see that you already know all about it.

I've been learning. How about you? Are you accomplishing what you set out
to accomplish on CSG-L? What ARE you trying to accomplish on CSG-L?
(Enquiring minds want to know!) It's a bit of a mystery from here.

While I am busy learning about fly behavior from Nachtigall, I would
really appreciate it if you could post a review of my book, "Mind
Readings". I am learning from you that I have many misconceptions
about PCT: what it is and what it's about. So, before I "strike again"
with another book about PCT I would really appreciate it if you could
point out some of the more egregious errors in "Mind Readings".

I haven't read it. Why don't you quote a paragraph? I understand that I
should be able to judge a whole book from one paragraph. (;->

I don't recall saying anything about your having misconceptions about PCT or
making "egregious errors." Do you feel that I have? Do you feel that YOU have?

If you have any curiosity about insect flight, I think you'll enjoy
Nachtigall's book despite yourself. It is wonderfully written.

By the way, did you read Bill Powers' nifty little description of
hummingbird behavior? On second thought, you wouldn't find it of
interest--no application of the TEST and all that, just description from the
point of view of the external observer, with a little speculation about
possible controlled variables thrown in. Obviously of absolutely no value
to a true PCTer like yourself. Forget I mentioned it.

Well, I've got to buzz off.