CALL FOR PAPERS for 2012 CSG meeting

Hello, all –
The time is here to submit your proposals for presentations at the 2012
meeting of the Control Systems Group International. The proposed schedule
and registration form is attached. I haven’t received many suggestions
for categorizing papers, so we’ll just do that when we examine the
Note that on Tuesday and Wednesday evening there are opportunities for
adjusting the scheduling. Since all sessions are plenary, this is pretty
easy – we just change who is speaking when or for how long.
I will be asking our President Mike Mermel to form, very soon, an
editorial board to peer-review all papers submitted. This is not a
gatekeeping committee; you can criticise and complain about PCT all you
like, as long as you do it competently and understandably, and if
presenting are willing to take the heat in the discussion period. But
please focus primarily on PCT because that is what this conference is
There are limited slots for presentations. We are asking for papers to be
submitted electronically, as a Word .doc file, to Papers not accepted for presentation will
still be reviewed for the Proceedings, which will be published soon after
the meeting by the heroic Dag Forssell at a reasonable price, with an
ISBN number so it will be widely available. You will be able to cite your
accepted paper as having been presented at the meeting. Copies of the
papers will be distributed on arrival day and the attenders will
presumably have read them all by dawn of the day they are presented. This
will streamline the presentations and perhaps allow several shorter ones
to replace one long one (one kind of real-time adjustment of the schedule
to consider).
Note that if all of you are quick enough in submitting your papers, the
Proceedings might even be available during the meeting (but no promises).
Since Dag will be making videos, recordings of the discussion
periods as well as presentations will be available after the
We would like to have the papers in hand by the middle of March or sooner
if you can manage it. The peer reviews will tend to be up-or-down votes
(next year we’ll start sooner and have more time) but will still require
Note about costs. Allie has done a good job in keeping them down in spite
of adding a day to the meeting, and the Outlook Hotel helps, too, because
the lowest room rate is for 1 or 2 people, and the next lowest for 3 or
4, so some real savings can be achieved by sharing a room. A quite decent
free breakfast comes with the room. Most other meals are included in the
conference fee.
Read the attachment carefully, and understand that you have to reserve
your room yourself directly with the hotel. Contact information is given.
The sooner you do that, the sooner we will know who is committed to
attending, and the less chance there will be of running out of rooms so
you have to stay somewhere else. Now is not too early to make your

Finally, I’ve added as many potential attenders as I could to the address
list, but please feel free to forward this call to any colleagues or
others you feel should be included.

Best regards,

Bill Powers

CSGRegistration2012.doc (58 KB)

Hello, all --

Oops, I didn't send the latest version of the registration stuff that
Allie was editing. Here is is, attached, with an A at the end of the
file name. Delete the other one.


CSGRegistration2012A.doc (57 KB)