Canon P133 Computer at Low Price

We have the following Pentium Computer for sale.

Manufactuer: Canon


                Pentium 133 CPU
                1.6 Gig Hard Drive
                1.44 Floppy Drive
                8X CD-Rom
                28.8 Bps Modem
                16MB of EDO Ram 72 Pin
                Mid Tower with open 3 open 5.25 bays and 1 3.5 open bay
                Case also has RF Connector
                Intel Chipset Motherboard
                16 bit Sound Card
                1 MB PCI VGA Exp. to 2 MB
                256k Pipeline Cache
                PS/2 Keyboad and PS/2 Mouse
                Windows 95

All computers are brand new from Manufactuer.

Price: $ 1,099 USD


                2 X 4 CD Recorder (Internal)
                w/SCSI Card, EZ CD Pro Software
                Price: 399.95 USD

                Expand to 2MB of VGA Graphics
                Price: $ 49 USD

                Monitors Avilable Upon Request

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