CBS News: Negative ion therapy for depression / stress

Hello all,

As a psychology graduate student, I thought that the members of this list
would find this of great interest.

On 2/14/95 CBS Evening News with Connie Chung, Dr. Bob Arnot did a story
about negative ions and their effect on mood. They talked about a study
done at Columbia University where exposure to a high density negative ion
generator was as effective in treating winter depression as medications
like Prozac.

I became very interested because I have suffered from depression and
anxiety for years, and I did extensive scientific research on negative
ions. In doing the research, I found that negative ion generators are not
only therapeutic for winter depression, but also have been shown to be
useful for regular depression, anxiety, irritability, etc. So I bought a
small, high density generator and it has given me substantial relief from
my symptoms.

I also found a newspaper article discussing the fact that computer monitors
emit positive ions - the opposite of negative ions. In the article, a
consultant to the FDA says that computer monitors give off large amounts of
positive ions and can actually cause depression, stress, fatigue, etc. in
people who sit in front of computers a lot - like all of us Netters - and
that we need negative ion replenishment.

If any of you would like to receive a copy of the transcript of the CBS
news story, the newspaper article, as well as the other research that I
have compiled, just e-mail me at <> with the words SEND
RESEARCH in the _subject_ line.



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