CFP: SI2000


    Systems Implementation 2000: Languages, Methods and Tools

    Berlin, Germany, 23-26 February 1998

The conference will address problems and solutions in implementing
complex and high quality systems past the year 2000. People with
experience in such implementations are especially invited to attend.
SI2000 will focus on the development of languages, methods, and tools
and their further evaluation. The conference is intended to provide
a forum for the presentation of existing knowledge as well as to
provoke lively debate on its applicability in the real world.

We invite you to submit a paper on one of the following themes:
    * evolution of software systems
    * specific application domains supporting portability and
        reusability of software components
    * the development of networking software
    * software architectures for various application domains
    * experience reports on the use of novel development and
        implementation techniques.

Further information on the conference and how to submit a paper
are provided at our web site:

The deadline for submissions is 15 September 1997.