conference help

Hello everyone. I intend to attend this year's conference; however, being a
student I am financially strapped. The CSG has forwarded some moneys [for
which i am thankful] but that will not be sufficient. Though who have read
this net should know that i am the single most active student. Therefore, you
might look on this as an investment. Those who have had the good fortune of
meeting me might just send it because you think I'm cool. Well i'm not cool
but i am broke. I need ~ $ 250 for the rest of the ticket and to eat. Do
not respond to this net, but to my e-mail adress:

thanks in advance

I recently posted on my finacial strappeditude and my intention on attending
a dangerous conference. Thanks to an anonymous fella from down under I will
be able to get totally ripped in that northernmost state of America--Canuka
:wink: Tim--oops--that first Foster's on me. Oh yeah, and i promise to have
many serious matters to discuss as well such as why do them canuks put
vinager on thems frys :wink:

thanks anyway guys an gals
practicing my "eh's" and "zed's"