Conference Offer

[From Rick Marken (2000.07.19.0900)]

I have printed up 200 copies of _Mind Readings_ in a paperback
edition. I will bring a few copies to the meeting. If you have
already purchased the (tacky) spiral bound version of
_Mind Readings_, bring your copy to the meeting and I will
exchange it _free of charge_ for the paperback edition. If
I run out of copies I will mail a copy to you after the

If you don't own a copy of _Mind Readings_ and would like to
buy one, I'll be selling them at the meeting for the special
low price of $12.00 (the regular price is $18.00).

In order to reduce the chances of running out, I would like
to get an idea of how many copies of paperback _Mind Readings_
I should bring to the meeting. So I would appreciate it if
those of you who would like to take advantage of either of
the two offers above (free exchange for spiral bound or $12
purchase) would send me a quick e-mail (
saying "yes on paperback Mind Readings at CSG". Thanks

Also, if you would like to make a bulk order (5 copies or more)
of _Mind Readings_ for use in a class (such as experimental
psychology) I will sell them in bulk for $10/copy. This offer
holds whether you are attending the meeting or not.

By the way, paperback copies of _Mind Readings_ will also
be available through Benchmark Publications at at

and New View Publications, Inc. at




Richard S. Marken Phone or Fax: 310 474-0313 mailto: