Consciousness and Control

[From Bruce Gregory 960428.2045 EDT)]

In a review of _Dreams and Dreaming_ in today's NYT Book Review, George
Johnson says, of dreams recalled upon waking:

  I'm persuaded by scientists who argue that our sleeping neurons, unleashed
  from the tethers of the senses, fire more at less randomly, squirting neuro-
  transmitters all over the place. When we wake up, our compulsion to impose
  order on randomness, moping up the mess, turns the noise into a story.

Might this process be related to the "rationization" we have been discussing
with regard to "split-brain" studies and post-hypnotic suggestion?

Bruce G.

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to Bruce

This account of dreaming activity (involving randomness) is
certainly not accepted by the majority.

Lucid dreaming have been proven to exist with scientific
experimental evidence, it is no pop psychology.

Actually, I think that this field of research could bring
a lot to PCT.

M. REMI Cote