cooler that heats; Turing up a level? -Reply

[Hans Blom, 960214f]

(Martin Taylor 960213 16:00)

... Incidentally, I am trying to revise my old tutorial posting on
entropy, putting it more in a control-system context. With luck, it
will result in a posting before long.

Looking forward to it.

Rick will think it is putting a theoretical cart into a place where
there are no horses, but then he doesn't see that the cart uses one
of M. Carnot's magic engines.

Rick sometimes forgets that one needs a well developed theory before
one can do The Test, and that if you _like_ to do The Test, you need
those theories.

Rick also tends to forget that theories, well developed or not, are
necessarily based upon observations; one might say that a theory is
an abbreviation, a succinct description, a cross-section of a number
of perceptual events. In that sense, every theory is grounded in
reality. And if interesting enough, worthy of our consideration.

But then much depends upon what we find interesting...