"Crowd" and boids

[From Bill Powers (971106.0917 MST)]

Craig Reynolds (also via CC:) --

I've looked at your Boids demos and am much impressed. Your ideas seem to
have become much more widely known than mine! Perhaps there was something
in the air back in the 1980s, because I came up with something very similar
-- a demonstration of crowd behavior based on individual control systems.
I'm attaching the three files we distribute over the net (the usual FTP
link went defunct and we're still working out how to restore it). The main
.EXE file is self-extracting (PCs only), and expands into the runnable
program, some setup files (you can create your own, too) and a writeup. The
other files just explain how to do this and automate the process if you
don't know how to do it yourself. From seeing your programs I deduce that
there's not much you don't know how to do with a computer.

Let me know what you think.


Bill P.The programs in this directory (CROWD) are in a compressed, self-
extracting file called GATHER.EXE. (Gather is a name for this program
sometimes used interchangeably with Crowd) This file, when executed, will
expand itself into many files, including the "real" executable file

For your convenience, an INSTALL4.BAT file is provided which
will give the DOS commands to install this program on your C: drive in
its own directory: While in this directory, type INSTALL4 <ENTER> and the
INSTALL4.BAT file will create a directory C:\PCTDEMOS\CROWD\ on your hard
drive, copy the file GATHER.EXE there, execute it to expand it into 24
files with a total of 324,904 bytes, then delete GATHER.EXE (on the C:
drive, not on the originating floppy disk). The runnable program is then

Of course you can move GATHER.EXE yourself to a directory of your choice
on a hard or floppy disk and expand it and delete it yourself.

The first time the program runs it will create "SCOS" (16,384 bytes), and
"ITAN" (8,194 bytes).

To print out the documentation, type "TYPE CROWD.DOC > PRN" and enter
(without quotation marks -- be sure printer is on), or use your favorite
wordprocessing program to read and print CROWD.DOC. Note the file
CROWD_LO.GIC in the PCTDOCS directory as well, and the published paper
using this program listed in the references shown in INTROCSG.NET.

   William T. Powers, 73 Ridge Place, CR 510 Durango, CO 81301-8136
                          (303) 247-7986.


Gather.exe (59 Bytes)