CrowdV3; final version of Motion.pas (Motion3.pas)

[From Bill Powers (991007.1740 MDT)]

Attachment: Motion3.pas

To all who are following the Turbo Pascal Crowd version 3 project.

Attached is the source code for Motion3.pas, in which I believe the lowest
level of control is finally implemented correctly. The explanation is in
the source code as an introductory comment. Comments (between left and
right curly brackets or {} ) do not have to be removed before compiling.

The forward velocity can now be changed continuously from forward values to
reverse (negative) values without any problems at zero or negative
velocity; the rate of turn likewise can be fully controlled left or right,
and at any forward velocity. The mouse can be used, as a demonstration, to
set the forward velocity and turn-rate reference signals. Enjoy.

Dick Robertson called me last week while sitting before his computer, and
we quite easily got him set up to compile and run the source codes I'm
distributing. Anyone else, expert or novice, on CSGnet or Usenet, is
welcome to do the same. My phone is (970) 247-7986, and I now have an
answering machine (5th ring). Mary and I quite reliably pick up by the
third ring if we're feeling like answering the phone, so you can save a
toll if you don't want the machine to answer.

If we don't answer, maybe some others will volunteer to do the same thing.

If asked, I will give a fuller explanation of how these two control systems
work, and the physics behind them. I think maybe Bruce Abbott will be
willing, also. More than one explanation is often illuminating to have.


Bill P.

Motion3.pas (6.88 KB)