CSG Conference Information

[From Rick Marken (2000.06.21.1600)]

I am sending this to CSGNet as well as to all the people
I know who are attending the meeting but are not, to my
knowledge, on CSGNet.

Some of you have been asking where to go to find the CSG
Conference once you get to BU. So here's the info.

The meetings will be held in the School of Management,
room 416. I have attached a map of BU in GIF format (if
you can't read the attachment and have a connection to
the Web, the map is at http://www.bu.edu/maps/). The
School of Management is # 34 on the map (scroll to the
right; it's below Admissions/ Reception). If you are
staying at the meeting, you should go get your room at
the dorm first. The dorm is Shelton Hall, which is # 37
on the map (just to the right of Admissions/ Reception).
Check in is between 3 and 7 pm.

If you are not staying, just go straight to the meeting
room (School of Management, room 416; signs for the CSG
conference will be posted) at the time of the scheduled
meetings. The first meeting (on Wednesday, 7/26) goes from
7-10 pm. The meetings on Thursday and Friday are from 8-10 AM
and from 6-10 PM. There are also afternoon workshops in
the meeting room.

If you are driving to campus you can buy a parking pass
in advance by telling me what you need. The cost is $6.00
per day per car and $10.00 per night per car. So if you
are keeping a car at the meeting and staying in the dorm,
a parking pass costs $16/day. If you are just driving in
for the day (and evening) the pass is just $6 per day.

If you need a dorm room for an extra night (outside of
the four nights of the conference -- 7/26-7/29) please
let me know; so far, I have only Bill and Mary staying
one extra night due to a travel snafu.

Also, for those of you who do not want clams there will
be teriyaki chicken. I hope that's acceptable. If not,
let me know and I'll see what I can do.

That's about it for now. Everything seems to be coming
along well. If you need any help or if I can answer any
questions about the conference please contact me by e-mail.

And if you know of anyone else who wants to (or should)
attend the conference, please tell them to get in touch
with me ASAP.




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