CSGnet Delays

[from Gary Cziko 950124.2305 GMT]

I have been trying to track down the source of the recent CSGnet delays
which have affected at least for some netters located west and under
(Avery) the Mississippi River. After having sent to a local network
administrator an example of a post taking nearly 24 hours to be distributed
he reply was:

That's not bad. Bitnet is having days or even weeks of delays at some
sites right now.

So I suppose we can't expect much sympathy from him. If delays of days or
weeks become common, the interactive nature of CSGnet (and other electronic
forums) will be seriously jeopardized.

I wonder if just isn't the inevitable result of the Internet being
overburdened. I have heard that the number of people using the Internet
increases by thousands each day and so it is not hard to figure that
traffic jams may become increasingly common.

I would appreciate any information others may have about this, particularly
those on other listserv groups. Is CSGnet more prone to delays than other
lists? Do people find their personal mail delayed as much as CSGnet
traffic sometimes is (I don't)? Does anyone know of possible solutions to
the network slowdowns we occasionally experience?--Gary