CSGNET Digest - 25 May 1996 to 28 May 1996


Date: Mon, 27 May 1996 13:53:29 -0700
From: autumn winter <autumn_winter@MINDLINK.BC.CA>
Subject: Vancouver Conference

[from Autumn Winter (960527)]

Would anyone be interested in having the '97 CSG Conference in Vancouver, BC
Canada? It could be held on a beautiful campus (U of BC) and the rates seems
very reasonable. International air fares to Vancouver are also now cheaper.


As a Canadian I feel it is about time meetings were held here. I can
attest to the campus, as I have been at UBC several times. The weather is
also nice with temperatures above 80 F in the summer.

Scott Brandon
Sociology, McMaster University

I'm another supporter even though I think Victoria has as much to offer as
Vancouver. However, once you come to Vancouver, one fantastically beautiful
ferry ride will bring you to Victoria.

Tonight, we've just reelected the New Democratic Party for the province. I
do believe they are committed believers in control theory so the
political/intellectual climate for the conference should be most favourable!
As a local, I think I can give you a bit better reading of the summer
temperature range: 76 to 82 F. So, please take our suggestions seriously.

David Wolsk
Victoria, BC