CSGnet Washed Out

[from Gary Cziko 930813.2030 UTC]

Well, I suppose it was only a matter of time before CSGnet would be
affected by the heavy midwest rains this summer.

Thursday morning our campus received over 6 inches of rain over a 2
1/2-hour period. In addition to knocking out our sewer system (I found
that it is very hard to resist flushing even when official announcements
make it a crime to do so), the rain flooded utility tunnels under the
computer center disrupting air conditioning and requiring a shut down of
our main computers, including the VMD, the home of CSGnet.

But it seems that things are back up this afternoon (Friday the 13th). So
please send again to CSGnet any messages that may have been returned to you
during this small ripple of the Great Flood of '93.--Gary


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